Take out the Eiselin Scorpin from the backpack. 

Attach the Eiselin Scorpin to the binding. 

(The stoppers are fixed with silicone bands, and a split skin is recommended, which can be used for various ski models).

Step in and start walking.

Eiselin Scorpin: Ascend with your downhill binding. 

The patented Eiselin Scorpin allows you to transform your downhill binding into a touring binding with just a few simple steps.

You don't want to compromise and use your downhill binding with perfect power transmission and safety release. But occasionally, you want to ascend.

- Freeride Short Ascend: To reach the next untouched slope.

- Freeride Emergency Retreat:  A chasm opens up in front of you, and you need to backtrack.

  • The snow bridge that was there yesterday has melted.
  • An avalanche blocks the path.
  • Suddenly, the bare ice is revealed.
  • The slope is now too avalanche-loaded...

This is where the Eiselin Scorpin comes into play. Compact and light, stored in your backpack, you always have your options with you. No more ifs or buts.

- General Short Ski Tour: You want to take a short ski tour with your downhill skis, or you want to go on a tour with friends, visitors, family, etc., and they don't have the right equipment. With Eiselin Scorpin, you can all still get started.

- Multiple Skis: You have several skis at home. With Eiselin Scorpin, you no longer need a touring binding on each ski. In combination with a split skin, which also fits various skis, this results in a really clear, cost-effective, and very light equipment.

Awarded with the highly prestigious ISPO Brandnew Award. 



High-strength solid-machined aluminum alloy, steel strap, aluminum nuts, and stainless steel components result in an extremely robust tool.


Lightweight construction: At less than 100g, the Eiselin Scorpin is a true featherweight, so you'll hardly feel it in your backpack. 


We are more than just a group of experts: Smart minds work as friends with us. Together, we invest a lot of joy and passion into our product; that's what sets us apart.


Requires very little storage space.


Fits on almost all skis (or bindings).


- Unique quick entry with locking mechanism.
- Boot width adjustment.
- Extra-large controls for maximum power transmission even with gloves.
- Steel strap with plastic coating for ultimate robustness while remaining flexible and gentle on bindings.
- Anti-tilt plate...


Supplied with silicone bands for stopper retention and a waterproof pack sack.


Thought through to the last detail, so that nothing jams or rattles even under harsh outdoor conditions.


Awarded with the highly prestigious ISPO Brandnew Award. 


ISPO Brandnew is the world's largest platform for sports startups. Since the year 2000, ISPO has been searching for and naming the most promising newcomers in the sports industry. Former award winners, including GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja, Nixon, or On, are now shaping the market.




1. Tension screw
2. Tension bolt
3. Tension strap
4. Cord
5. Band-holding bolt
6. Band-holding screw
7. Band-holding nut
8. Left bolt
9. Left bolt nut
10. Right spring bolt
11. Right spring bolt nut
12. Locking angle
13. Locking nut
14. Locking screw

Unique Preparation:

Adjust Scorpin to the Binding:

  • Place Scorpin on the binding and insert the tension bolt (2) into the corresponding hole.
  • Screw the tension screw (1) lightly (approximately 3 turns) onto the tension bolt (2).
  • Pull the tension strap (3) around the binding head, ensuring a snug fit and alignment with the binding's indentations. Use the rope (4) if necessary to build enough tension. 
  • Insert the tension strap (3) onto the band-holding screw (6) first and lightly screw the band-holding nut (7) onto the band-holding screw (6) to secure. Then place the tension strap (3) on the band-holding bolt (5). ----------- If the tension strap (3) does not go over the bolt, release the tension screw (1) and tension band (2), then place the tension strap (3) over the band-holding bolt (5) and screw the tension screw (1) back onto the tension bolt (2)--------. Tighten the band-holding nut (7) completely.
  • Now, tension the tension strap (3) with the tension screw (1) until it is securely in place. If there is insufficient tension, the tension strap (3) may not be optimally applied (it adjusts properly to the binding head through initial tensioning). Release the tension screw (1) as much as possible, reset the tension strap (3) as far back as possible on the band-holding screw (6) and band-holding bolt (5), and tension the screw (1) again. Repeat this step if needed.

Adjust the Shoe to Scorpin:

  •  The preset width should fit most shoes. Check as follows: Open the locking nut (13) slightly and place your shoe in the Scorpin. Close the locking nut (13) tightly. The head of the right spring bolt (10) should now protrude 1/10mm - 5/10mm from the right spring bolt (10), and the shoe should not touch anywhere. If not, loosen the left bolt nut (9) and screw the left bolt (8) further in or out until the above criteria are met. Secure the left bolt (8) again with the left bolt nut (9). In persistent cases, you can also optimize the adjustment with the right spring bolt (10) in the same way (remove the locking nut (13) and locking angle (12)). However, the right spring bolt (10) should only be screwed in so far that the locking angle (12) does not rest directly on the right spring bolt nut (11). There should always be a little space between them.

Preparation for Ascent:

  • Place Scorpin on the binding and insert the tension bolt (2) into the corresponding hole.
  • Tighten the tension screw (1) securely.
  • Secure the stoppers with the stopper band.
  • Open the locking nut (13) slightly.
  • Step into the shoe.
  • Close the locking nut (13) tightly.
  • ► Start the ascent.

Preparation for Skiing:

  • Open the locking nut.
  • Step out of the shoe.
  • Open the tension screw completely.
  • Remove Scorpin from the binding (a slight swing of Scorpin away from the tension bolt can prevent jamming).
  • Remove the stopper bands.
  • ► Start the descent.